Monday, October 17, 2005

Porter Tracking News

Well, I know I have been very absent here. I have been working hard on my shop blog and shop. I am still waiting to hear about a job I interviewed for over a week ago, but I do know they are doing a full background check. But for the main reason of this post. Porter News! My boy and I were in a tracking test this past Sunday. The following is a write up I did for his breeder, my family and friends.

Well, it was a gorgeous day down in Illinois for our tracking event. Could not have been more perfect weather. Got there in plenty of time for the draw. I was the first alternate and they had two withdrawals, I believe due to those dogs already earning their TDs the weekends prior to this test. I was the 3rd to pick and I received track number 2.

We drove out to the site and I waited patiently while the first dog and handler ran their test. Porter, however, was a little impatient. He whined a little and kept nosing the tall grasses where we waited. I won't bore you with the extra wait time. The first dog was given a lot of time to finish and was finally called for time limit.

It was our turn. To get to our track, we had to go through a lot of cover...tall grasses, thick grasses....well poor Porter was getting a work out, so being the great mom...I picked him up and hauled him through the tough areas. I was feeling pretty beat getting to our track hauling my dog much of the way. Porter, the whole time, was trying his best to sniff everything even while I was holding him up.

We had a small path prior to our track to walk. I got a chance to catch my breath and harness him up. I was told to go ahead and start. We went up to the start flag to find a sock. Porter nudge it and sat down for me. I hooked up my line to his harness, quickly held up the sock and gave the word to "Track!"

Porter shot off down the track to the second flag. We got about 10 feet from there and he tried taking a break to smell something interesting. Got him back to work and we were off! I could kind of tell where the track went and we came to a cross track from deer. Porter explored it a little bit, but I told him to get to work and he came back to the track.

He shot the first corner a little bit, but I could not see where it went at first. Once he committed and moved on, I could see bits of it ahead of us. We were going as fast as I could go. Lots of grapevines trying to take me down. We make out next turn then come to an area of 'confusion.' It looked like an area where deer may have laid down. I couldn't even tell where anything went. There were all kind of tracks around. Porter started to go down one and I trusted him. All of sudden after about 10 feet, the little bugger came back to where the track would have gone if we were going down a straight line prior to the flat area. I felt really good about his 'decision.'

He was going a good pace and then I felt a grapevine just as he decided to turn it up a notch. I fell down to my knees and told him to wait. I look up and he is looking back at me like "Ma! Get up and let's go!" I got up and told him to get going. We made another turn and I was it over yet?

We were coming down to the end, I felt. We had not gotten a whistle yet, so I figured we were doing really good. We started heading to this strange clump of growth. I could kind of tell the track went around it, just to the side. As we got closer it appeared that Porter tried picking something up and paused for a second, but then he continued on. I said "You got something?" I came forward and he kept going. It was just a big leaf. I just kept thinking, it has to be done soon.

A few more feet, Porter sits down. I ask again, "You got something?" He just looks at me. I come up to him and I do not see a glove, but notice this grape vine kind of over the 'path' and blocking his view. I rip it up to let him through and say, "Track!" He gets moving again. Deep in my brain I am still thinking "ISN'T IT OVER YET?"

Fifteen more feet, Porter walks over something. He turns around, sits down, picks up a glove then drops it. I run up to him saying "Good Boy!" Grab the glove and wave it in the air for all that it is worth. The judges yell "Congrats!" The small crowd watching starts cheering. Our track was 447 yards and aged 1 hour 15 minutes. We ran it in 9 minutes. It felt like a lot longer.

So Porter should soon receive his certificate making him, Northwynd's Fungo Get Fuzzy TD. He made me very proud. I did get a compliment from the judges on how well he worked the track. Of the 4 TDs and 3 TDXs, only Porter and an English Spring Spaniel passed. We both were TD passes.

Well that is it. I hope to be able to post more here in the future on updates about Porter. We will be in more events, I hope.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Some Time No Post

Sorry for not posting lately, but I know I do not have much of an audience which suits me just fine. Things are really sucky right now. Still no job and I am hitting rock bottom. It is so bad I have contacted someone from my last job to see if they need help still. I haven't heard yet, but I don't know if I really care.

There are a few more jobs worth trying for in this weekend's paper. My problem is these places do not seem to be in a hurry in getting back in touch with me. I need a little more expediency. Hopefully something will pan out soon.

I have been busy working on Corgis & Other Critters. Lots of updates and I have become an affiliate. Now to work on getting some money to pay bills then get a website. I also updated my shop blog, Colleen's Critter Creations, to kind of coincide with the shop.

Hoping a good turn is coming my way. Thank you for stopping!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

When It Rains, It Pours

It has been very busy for me lately. My usual project of the WVTA journal. I had another project for a friend I have made in Porter's former agility class and now see at our herding lessons. And I also was asked to donate some items to the PWCCA National Specialty for their volunteer raffle. I am very happy about this last one.

Big time exposure for my shop is a very big deal for me. It is perfect for the little niche I am trying to keep with my shop. However, I know if I am going to have any extra money come in that I might want to get some other things going. But that is for the shop blog. So for the dog show, I have been working on getting items for the donation up and sent to the person in charge. I am also updating my business card and putting a flyer together made special for the show.

Other big news: I have two job interviews over the next two days. YAY! me! It has been looking so dark and dreary for my 'work' life this gives me an extra boost. One is part time at a human medical clinic. While it would be close and okay money, I am not sure I am really going to pursue it hard.

The interview on Friday is for a veterinary clinic. This one I am actually excited about trying to get. I think I finally got out of not really considering a vet clinic. I like that it is only 2 Doctors and only open during the week. No after hours emergencies and no weekends. Their ad mentioned only a 4 day work week. Now, if they can pay well, I will really push for this job. The only problems are it is a bit of a drive, my car is nearing the end of its life and ??? (they could be really weird--but we shall see come Friday!)

Anything else? My mom sounds different as she finally got some new choppers. Looking good, Mom, but practice your "s"es. Oh and I got another call today for an interview at a clinic in Evansville. This one is not until Sept 7th. I did tell them I have a few other interviews and will call if I am no longer interested in the job. I will keep you all posted.

Things looking up here. Hope things look up for you too.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Made New Blog for CP shop

Sorry I have not posted in a while. Many thing have me zinging around. The job hunt continues as each day sees at least one new resume sent off. I am working more with Porter and seeing improvement in his OB.

I have started a blog for my Corgis & Other Critters shop. I am working on updating the shop and tying the blog into the design. I still have some things to learn. I want to get my own website, but until I have some kind of income I will not be able to buy a domain and run a site. First thing on my wish list.

My online comic addiction seems to be winding down for now. I have caught up on all the comics that have caught my interest. I am trying hard not to look at more to read. I find I easily get lost in the 'written' world. I love books, but if I get into a reading will need to pry any books that fall into my hands. I guess I just jump in with a gusto when I start something. (Wondering if what I just wrote will make sense?)

Seems some creative juices are flowing. I have some new ideas for shirts. I just wish I had some art talent. I know what I want things to look like, but have no ability to draw it. I will keep plugging away. Must remember to put a pen and paper by bed as I had some good ideas (I think) as I was just starting to fall asleep. Of course this morning, all the ideas are gone...or I have an empty shell of them. These empty shells do not sound as great as they did last night.

I know the above is 'shop' talk, but as it seems as nobody stops to read...I can just use this spot as a sounding board for myself! :-P

May the Day Bring You Great Things

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Porter Fills In

Well it was about time for me to use my paws to write something for humans to see. I'm Porter and thanks for pausing a moment to read. Mom is really sorry about not writing for over a week. Things have been a little stressful for her and the weather makes her cranky. She hates the heat as much as I do. We have been taking it easy. She worked on some stuff for family gift type items.

She is sad that I have not gotten back to do any herding. Each time it is cancelled due to the weather. I am worried that she will put it off for a while until the fall. I really want to go see those goats. They need to know I am still the boss.

What I am not supposed to tell you is that Mom got caught up in a couple more online comics. I told her I was going to become a very naughty dog if she didn't knock it off. We compromised. She can finish getting caught up on the comics she has started reading, BUT NO MORE! She finally got through all of the archived strips of College Roomies From Hell . She really enjoys it. Something about liking the cat Chester. Humphf! Stupid cats....dogs are much better.

I should complain about the other strip she is finally getting close to being caught up on.... Clan of the Cats . Now I really have a problem with this one, except they pulled in some characters that had a Pembroke Welsh Corgi called Scoop! He did a great job protecting his owner. I will let Mom investigate the comic that Scoop was borrowed from ONLY if there is more Scoop.

Oh, Mom will be working on a blog for her CP store. She is still plotting things out. When she is not sitting addictively looking at the comics, she has been sitting thinking about what the heck she is going to do....I'm worried too...She keeps saying she needs money to put food in my bowl. I am a Corgi...I will NOT starve! For my Mom, I am willing to suffer just a little bit

My Dogster Page

Saturday, July 30, 2005

News of the Day

Well, I guess I am going to open a blog for my shop so that I do not scare/offend anyone who stops here and wants to avoid product selling. I hate pushing myself on others. I just put an 'ad' on a group list I am on-->Pembroke-L. I am a member who does contribute and I did ask permission, but that doesn't mean I feel good about it. This is why I will not work in a salesperson position. I know what it is like to get the pitch but have no money to buy or not care about the product being sold.

Actually, I like the product(s) at CafePress. Hopefully, my designs will be well liked. Must have faith in myself. I did just come up with a few new clock designs and I hope to add a few new shirt ideas. But this will be something for my new blog to talk about. Keep watching as I will be putting that blog together soon.

You may be wondering why I have not posted in a few days. Well, I got caught up in the 'Net again. I need to find a group for Online Comic Addicts. I have fallen in love with another strip. Count Your Sheep I do not know how this guy comes up with his ideas, but I just spent the last day and a half going through his archive. He is freakin' brilliant. I am hopefully going to be successful in putting a link for his comic below along with the running "The Mow" strip. Believe me I have a few other favorites. Keep your eyes posted for the other links to show up.

As for more personal information, I did attend the 'job fair' on Thursday. It is with a temp agency. I do not know if anything will come of it or not. I am a little worried about no income, but something is going to have to give soon or I will end up working in a job I would really hate (sales/fast food.) I know it is money, either way.

As a little bit of a treat, I am attaching a photo from my trip to Washington. For anyone coming to this blog in the next few days, you will be the first to see this picture before I share it with anyone else. This is Porter with the Mississippi River in the background.

Image hosted by

Enjoy and May the Corgi of Love send you slurpies.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blow to the Ego

Well dreams die hard. Okay, I didn't really expect to win anything...but the hope was always there to get noticed. I had entered a local papers photography contest with one color entry and two black/white entries. It was my hope to maybe get a merit at least, but alas I guess there was just some better entries. At least they didn't pick some of the really poorly thought out entries.

Just a little bummed. It's times like this one that makes me wonder if anything good will happen for me. Being prodded by family members about jobs when I have been working on it. Nothing like intense pressure from them when I already have myself stressed enough. Job fair on Thursday I am planning on attending. It is for a temp agency, and I have not had a positive experience with these type of businesses.

At least I received some good news today. Someone I worked with to design a few shirts recently told me all the compliments she receives about her shirts. She wants to take my business cards around with her to hand out. She will even be placing another order to get gifts for family members.

I have also started thinking about maybe opening another blog for my shop. Kind of treat it like my 'newsletter' to those interested. Maybe they will be interested in checking it out instead of getting their mailboxes hit with more mail. Still in the process of thinking this one out. It may take a little more creativity on my part.

It has cooled off but the humidity is still a little high. It should be much nicer tomorrow. Guess I have been designated to help my brother move into his new place on the morrow. Oh I am going to be sore afterwards!

May the bird of despair not take a crap on you.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Alluring 'Net

I should have known when I started a blog I would be pulled into looking at others' blogs. It is just amazing the information out there. I have been adding items to my blog that I am not sure I will keep. Guess I'm still in the experimenting stage. There are a few blogs that I try to make a point to visit. One of my favorite so far (some of you may already know about) is the Daily Dancer. He is just so much fun to watch.

Due to a computer freeze up, I have not been able to find another blog that lead me to a very interesting song/video. I hope to run across it again, but cannot remember how I got there in the first place. Anyway, the song would not be considered appropriate by some, but it just has a beat that I enjoy. There was a contest for people to make an animated video to go with the song. I love their Winner. I am still trying to find out more information on the group behind it (TISM).

On the job search, it has not been going well. Heck, it cannot go to well if I am spending time cruising the net. I promise to do better. Weather wise we are under a tornado watch. The weather has been so nasty of late. Pretty much keep inside until things cool down.

It is not fun for Porter. He is getting pretty wound up. We have played numerous fetching games. He has been frapping a little bit more crazily. Hopefully things will be pleasant tomorrow so we can attend our herding lessons.

Again, I am trying to remember all the things I was going to write. Guess I will leave that for another day. As always, thanks you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Believe in yourself and others will follow

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Getting the Hang of This

I am slowly getting the hang of things. I wonder if others will post more than once a day. It seems like I might do that since I am just starting out and keep finding things I want to write down. My sister Maggie, thinks this just one more new thing for me to get 'addicted' to and I will just let it fade away.

I don't know though, as this could be a great way to keep people posted about any sales with my CP store or as a way to share stuff with friends/family. It is not like I will post deep, dark family secrets OR would I?

I have been tinkering with... so many different features of this blog. I keep adding things and trying out different 'tricks.' I am surprised the whole thing has not exploded in my face. Hopefully, you figured out the Read Me bit to get this far.

Thanks to the banner creator, so that I can show my support for the Brits. There are just too many sick individuals in the world. As you can probably see little hints of other items I have added also. One of my all time favorite pet comics runs at the bottom of my blog. The Mows just gives me a needed tickle.

Hopefully I will continue to add items that are fun. I am still learning a lot about HTML and who knows what trouble I could get into with it.

Thanks for stopping by again!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Second Time Posting

Well, I just keep getting pulled into different things. Working on up loading trip pictures to my computer to get online. Trying to find out other's thoughts on the latest Harry Potter book. Keeping up on emails. Entertaining my dog. Pulling my hair in frustration as my computer locks up. Following different links to interesting bits on the 'net.

Why is it so easy to get sucked into these weird stories? The latest was sent to me by my sister Mary. The World's Ugliest Dog picture would have caused milk to shoot out my nose had I been drinking any at the time of viewing.
I do not really like Chinese Cresteds and find I would not like owning an older 'model' of them. Sounds like his owner really loves him though. Heck, she and the dog are getting a lot of press. Look, I am giving them a bit of press too...Stupid me, sigh.

And here, I wanted my second post to be about my boy, Porter. He keeps me on my toes. We cannot do too much outside with the heat and humidity, so we play lots of fetch inside. He cracks me up sometimes. There is just nothing like a crazy Corgi smile and a will to play. Here is a photograph I took with black/white film last year. I entered it in a photo contest and am still waiting to hear the results. What can I say, he is so photographic. Thanks to him I am really looking into doing more pet photography.

There was so many other things I was planning to write. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. Right now I want to track down the dancing guy's blog. I just ran across it yesterday and forgot to bookmark it. Oh and thanks to my very first comment poster. You really made my day. I wish you the best of luck with your fight against cancer, Trée. Loved your comment too!

Peace to you all

Thursday, July 21, 2005

First Blog Posting Ever For Me

Well, here would be my first writing to a blog. Thinking back when I first heard about blogs, I could not even imagine putting my thoughts and ideas out for others to view. But I have 'grown up' and hearing the positive thoughts of others on blogs, I thought "why the hell not!"

While I may not divulge deep seated ideas, who knows what I may write. Friends will tell you I will most likely write about my 'furry' family. My life does seem to revolve around my pets. Heck, I went to school to study animal health. No, I am not a veterinarian. I am a Veterinary Technician. Although, I am looking into another job field for a while.

I will be sharing this blog with my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Porter. He is pretty much the center of my life at this time. No, I am not a 'pet psychic' but sometimes it really is not hard to figure out what my boy is thinking.

Another thing I might touch upon is some business ideas I am thinking about. I have been having some small success with my CafePress store and will be working on more advertising about it. If you are interested is seeing it, it is called Corgis & Other Critters. My hope is to start working with others and their pictures to design some items for them to purchase. Locally (SE Wisconsin), I hope to start a small pet photography business going which would also tie in with my CP store. It is all in the development stage.

Unfortunately, I have to focus on the job hunt at this time due to quitting my last job in May. Did not have luck finding anything in June, but I did not try to hard as I had a two week trip in June/July. Hard focus is being done at this time for a job. It is getting to be a little bit of a worry for me, but I believe something good will come soon.

Well, I suppose that anyone just stopping by will be long gone and never to return due to the length of my first posting. I really can 'talk' a bit, but posts should be on the shorter side in the future. I am not even sure how often I will be back, but we shall see.

Thanks for stopping in and seeing my first posting. Let me know what you think or just drop a "Hello" line.