Thursday, July 21, 2005

First Blog Posting Ever For Me

Well, here would be my first writing to a blog. Thinking back when I first heard about blogs, I could not even imagine putting my thoughts and ideas out for others to view. But I have 'grown up' and hearing the positive thoughts of others on blogs, I thought "why the hell not!"

While I may not divulge deep seated ideas, who knows what I may write. Friends will tell you I will most likely write about my 'furry' family. My life does seem to revolve around my pets. Heck, I went to school to study animal health. No, I am not a veterinarian. I am a Veterinary Technician. Although, I am looking into another job field for a while.

I will be sharing this blog with my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Porter. He is pretty much the center of my life at this time. No, I am not a 'pet psychic' but sometimes it really is not hard to figure out what my boy is thinking.

Another thing I might touch upon is some business ideas I am thinking about. I have been having some small success with my CafePress store and will be working on more advertising about it. If you are interested is seeing it, it is called Corgis & Other Critters. My hope is to start working with others and their pictures to design some items for them to purchase. Locally (SE Wisconsin), I hope to start a small pet photography business going which would also tie in with my CP store. It is all in the development stage.

Unfortunately, I have to focus on the job hunt at this time due to quitting my last job in May. Did not have luck finding anything in June, but I did not try to hard as I had a two week trip in June/July. Hard focus is being done at this time for a job. It is getting to be a little bit of a worry for me, but I believe something good will come soon.

Well, I suppose that anyone just stopping by will be long gone and never to return due to the length of my first posting. I really can 'talk' a bit, but posts should be on the shorter side in the future. I am not even sure how often I will be back, but we shall see.

Thanks for stopping in and seeing my first posting. Let me know what you think or just drop a "Hello" line.


Trée said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. Hmmm, your first comment to your first post--feels kinda special and we hardly know each other--lol.

Good start. :)

purple twinkle said...

Hey there -- just a hello from a fellow corgi lover...our Ruby is the sweetest dog we've ever known. She'll be five this week and has the same coloring as yours. Happy blogging -- I just started my blog this week also. Here's to new adventures!