Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blow to the Ego

Well dreams die hard. Okay, I didn't really expect to win anything...but the hope was always there to get noticed. I had entered a local papers photography contest with one color entry and two black/white entries. It was my hope to maybe get a merit at least, but alas I guess there was just some better entries. At least they didn't pick some of the really poorly thought out entries.

Just a little bummed. It's times like this one that makes me wonder if anything good will happen for me. Being prodded by family members about jobs when I have been working on it. Nothing like intense pressure from them when I already have myself stressed enough. Job fair on Thursday I am planning on attending. It is for a temp agency, and I have not had a positive experience with these type of businesses.

At least I received some good news today. Someone I worked with to design a few shirts recently told me all the compliments she receives about her shirts. She wants to take my business cards around with her to hand out. She will even be placing another order to get gifts for family members.

I have also started thinking about maybe opening another blog for my shop. Kind of treat it like my 'newsletter' to those interested. Maybe they will be interested in checking it out instead of getting their mailboxes hit with more mail. Still in the process of thinking this one out. It may take a little more creativity on my part.

It has cooled off but the humidity is still a little high. It should be much nicer tomorrow. Guess I have been designated to help my brother move into his new place on the morrow. Oh I am going to be sore afterwards!

May the bird of despair not take a crap on you.

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