Saturday, July 23, 2005

Getting the Hang of This

I am slowly getting the hang of things. I wonder if others will post more than once a day. It seems like I might do that since I am just starting out and keep finding things I want to write down. My sister Maggie, thinks this just one more new thing for me to get 'addicted' to and I will just let it fade away.

I don't know though, as this could be a great way to keep people posted about any sales with my CP store or as a way to share stuff with friends/family. It is not like I will post deep, dark family secrets OR would I?

I have been tinkering with... so many different features of this blog. I keep adding things and trying out different 'tricks.' I am surprised the whole thing has not exploded in my face. Hopefully, you figured out the Read Me bit to get this far.

Thanks to the banner creator, so that I can show my support for the Brits. There are just too many sick individuals in the world. As you can probably see little hints of other items I have added also. One of my all time favorite pet comics runs at the bottom of my blog. The Mows just gives me a needed tickle.

Hopefully I will continue to add items that are fun. I am still learning a lot about HTML and who knows what trouble I could get into with it.

Thanks for stopping by again!

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