Monday, July 25, 2005

Alluring 'Net

I should have known when I started a blog I would be pulled into looking at others' blogs. It is just amazing the information out there. I have been adding items to my blog that I am not sure I will keep. Guess I'm still in the experimenting stage. There are a few blogs that I try to make a point to visit. One of my favorite so far (some of you may already know about) is the Daily Dancer. He is just so much fun to watch.

Due to a computer freeze up, I have not been able to find another blog that lead me to a very interesting song/video. I hope to run across it again, but cannot remember how I got there in the first place. Anyway, the song would not be considered appropriate by some, but it just has a beat that I enjoy. There was a contest for people to make an animated video to go with the song. I love their Winner. I am still trying to find out more information on the group behind it (TISM).

On the job search, it has not been going well. Heck, it cannot go to well if I am spending time cruising the net. I promise to do better. Weather wise we are under a tornado watch. The weather has been so nasty of late. Pretty much keep inside until things cool down.

It is not fun for Porter. He is getting pretty wound up. We have played numerous fetching games. He has been frapping a little bit more crazily. Hopefully things will be pleasant tomorrow so we can attend our herding lessons.

Again, I am trying to remember all the things I was going to write. Guess I will leave that for another day. As always, thanks you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Believe in yourself and others will follow

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