Friday, July 22, 2005

Second Time Posting

Well, I just keep getting pulled into different things. Working on up loading trip pictures to my computer to get online. Trying to find out other's thoughts on the latest Harry Potter book. Keeping up on emails. Entertaining my dog. Pulling my hair in frustration as my computer locks up. Following different links to interesting bits on the 'net.

Why is it so easy to get sucked into these weird stories? The latest was sent to me by my sister Mary. The World's Ugliest Dog picture would have caused milk to shoot out my nose had I been drinking any at the time of viewing.
I do not really like Chinese Cresteds and find I would not like owning an older 'model' of them. Sounds like his owner really loves him though. Heck, she and the dog are getting a lot of press. Look, I am giving them a bit of press too...Stupid me, sigh.

And here, I wanted my second post to be about my boy, Porter. He keeps me on my toes. We cannot do too much outside with the heat and humidity, so we play lots of fetch inside. He cracks me up sometimes. There is just nothing like a crazy Corgi smile and a will to play. Here is a photograph I took with black/white film last year. I entered it in a photo contest and am still waiting to hear the results. What can I say, he is so photographic. Thanks to him I am really looking into doing more pet photography.

There was so many other things I was planning to write. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. Right now I want to track down the dancing guy's blog. I just ran across it yesterday and forgot to bookmark it. Oh and thanks to my very first comment poster. You really made my day. I wish you the best of luck with your fight against cancer, Trée. Loved your comment too!

Peace to you all

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