Sunday, August 07, 2005

Porter Fills In

Well it was about time for me to use my paws to write something for humans to see. I'm Porter and thanks for pausing a moment to read. Mom is really sorry about not writing for over a week. Things have been a little stressful for her and the weather makes her cranky. She hates the heat as much as I do. We have been taking it easy. She worked on some stuff for family gift type items.

She is sad that I have not gotten back to do any herding. Each time it is cancelled due to the weather. I am worried that she will put it off for a while until the fall. I really want to go see those goats. They need to know I am still the boss.

What I am not supposed to tell you is that Mom got caught up in a couple more online comics. I told her I was going to become a very naughty dog if she didn't knock it off. We compromised. She can finish getting caught up on the comics she has started reading, BUT NO MORE! She finally got through all of the archived strips of College Roomies From Hell . She really enjoys it. Something about liking the cat Chester. Humphf! Stupid cats....dogs are much better.

I should complain about the other strip she is finally getting close to being caught up on.... Clan of the Cats . Now I really have a problem with this one, except they pulled in some characters that had a Pembroke Welsh Corgi called Scoop! He did a great job protecting his owner. I will let Mom investigate the comic that Scoop was borrowed from ONLY if there is more Scoop.

Oh, Mom will be working on a blog for her CP store. She is still plotting things out. When she is not sitting addictively looking at the comics, she has been sitting thinking about what the heck she is going to do....I'm worried too...She keeps saying she needs money to put food in my bowl. I am a Corgi...I will NOT starve! For my Mom, I am willing to suffer just a little bit

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