Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Made New Blog for CP shop

Sorry I have not posted in a while. Many thing have me zinging around. The job hunt continues as each day sees at least one new resume sent off. I am working more with Porter and seeing improvement in his OB.

I have started a blog for my Corgis & Other Critters shop. I am working on updating the shop and tying the blog into the design. I still have some things to learn. I want to get my own website, but until I have some kind of income I will not be able to buy a domain and run a site. First thing on my wish list.

My online comic addiction seems to be winding down for now. I have caught up on all the comics that have caught my interest. I am trying hard not to look at more to read. I find I easily get lost in the 'written' world. I love books, but if I get into a reading will need to pry any books that fall into my hands. I guess I just jump in with a gusto when I start something. (Wondering if what I just wrote will make sense?)

Seems some creative juices are flowing. I have some new ideas for shirts. I just wish I had some art talent. I know what I want things to look like, but have no ability to draw it. I will keep plugging away. Must remember to put a pen and paper by bed as I had some good ideas (I think) as I was just starting to fall asleep. Of course this morning, all the ideas are gone...or I have an empty shell of them. These empty shells do not sound as great as they did last night.

I know the above is 'shop' talk, but as it seems as nobody stops to read...I can just use this spot as a sounding board for myself! :-P

May the Day Bring You Great Things

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