Wednesday, August 24, 2005

When It Rains, It Pours

It has been very busy for me lately. My usual project of the WVTA journal. I had another project for a friend I have made in Porter's former agility class and now see at our herding lessons. And I also was asked to donate some items to the PWCCA National Specialty for their volunteer raffle. I am very happy about this last one.

Big time exposure for my shop is a very big deal for me. It is perfect for the little niche I am trying to keep with my shop. However, I know if I am going to have any extra money come in that I might want to get some other things going. But that is for the shop blog. So for the dog show, I have been working on getting items for the donation up and sent to the person in charge. I am also updating my business card and putting a flyer together made special for the show.

Other big news: I have two job interviews over the next two days. YAY! me! It has been looking so dark and dreary for my 'work' life this gives me an extra boost. One is part time at a human medical clinic. While it would be close and okay money, I am not sure I am really going to pursue it hard.

The interview on Friday is for a veterinary clinic. This one I am actually excited about trying to get. I think I finally got out of not really considering a vet clinic. I like that it is only 2 Doctors and only open during the week. No after hours emergencies and no weekends. Their ad mentioned only a 4 day work week. Now, if they can pay well, I will really push for this job. The only problems are it is a bit of a drive, my car is nearing the end of its life and ??? (they could be really weird--but we shall see come Friday!)

Anything else? My mom sounds different as she finally got some new choppers. Looking good, Mom, but practice your "s"es. Oh and I got another call today for an interview at a clinic in Evansville. This one is not until Sept 7th. I did tell them I have a few other interviews and will call if I am no longer interested in the job. I will keep you all posted.

Things looking up here. Hope things look up for you too.

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