Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's My 4th Birthday!

Porter here!

Sorry we have been away. Mom has been kind of hogging the computer or has been too sick to help get us set up to post. I told her that I needed to share the details of my birthday. I turned four today. As usual, Mom went all out for my special day.

She made carrot cake cupcakes. She was hoping it would be simpler for her to do, but I heard her say "Never again! It is a regular cake next time!" I don't care as long as I get my special dinner and dessert. She definitely did her best and it turned out pretty dang good...for me!

Murphy and I got a special meal and then go some of cupcakes--a big one and a mini one. Then she brought out my presents. She apologized to me as the bed she got me is PINK! But it has blue paw prints on it. I don't think she looked at a picture of the pattern--just saw it said blue paw prints. She gave it to me earlier this week and don't tell her---Murphy and I both have taken turns sleeping in it. If she catches us in the act, I think she will be getting one for Murphy's birthday too. Hopefully it won't be pink as well.

One present she got me was these weird smelling chewy things. She told me they were Elk antlers. She heard some good things from others about them. Murphy and I think they smell funny. Murphy tried rolling on one of them. After a little bit, we have been doing some chewing on them. They are not too bad. I am reserving judgment yet. Murphy loves them or so it seems as he keeps chewing on one of them.

I will check out the other presents as I know the family will be trying to get me to play with them. Mom says she will put the video footage together soon. I wouldn't hold my breath for it to be done this week. She has lots on her to do list and will make some friends mad if she doesn't get these things done. However, she did get some photos edited and uploaded. She says I can share them. Please check out my birthday photos here.

Well I have to go. Got some stuff to chew on and others to check over. I feel pretty content and may just go cuddle up with Mom. She says she feels exhausted. I hope she doesn't get sick again. It is a tough job being a Corgi Nurse.

Have a great night,
Porter--party pooped out

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