Saturday, January 19, 2008

Corgi Valentines

This month's featured ImageKind art is THE CORGI'S VALENTINES DAY PARTY by Valerie Brock.

It's that time of year when love is in the air. It wouldn't be right not to have a Corgi Valentine. If Murphy or I knew little Emma, she would not be crying as we would share our Valentines with her.
This piece of art would be a great gift for the Corgi Lover in your life. Give a Corgi related Valentine gift.

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Murphy was very happy to see some Cardigan Welsh Corgi Valentine designs offered at CafePress. Here is one design on a lovely keepsake box. It is a great gift to give and maybe surprise them with something in the box.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Valentine

Or get this lovely Tote Bag for yourself to let others know your special Valentine is your Cardigan Welsh Corgi. I think Murphy plans on getting one for Mom to announce that he is her Valentine. I might have to get her something to tell the world that I'm her true Valentine.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Valentine Tote Bag

I know I am my Mom's Corgi Cupid. So I think this design says it all and it is offered on a rectangle magnet (something my Mom likes to collect.) I think it would make a nice, simple Valentine gift to the Corgi Lover in your life.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Cupid

I hope we got you started on your way to find a Corgi Valentine gift for your loved ones. If we find more items to share, we will post them here. You never know what we might turn up for great Welsh Corgi gift ideas.

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