Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It was my 2nd Birthday!

Hey there! Murphy here! Mom finally helped me get photos up from my 2nd birthday last week. She apologizes as she had things to do on the 'puter and couldn't share. I told her if I don't get to tell my tale I would not herd for her at the Cardigan Nationals...I think she believed me as I finally got to log on tonight. Good thing she doesn't know I would do anything to herd.

Anyways, I had a great birthday. I got a special dinner and I ate slow for once. It took me almost a minute to eat! Usually I wolf my food down, but due to attacking fries...I had to slow down and be on guard. To understand the fry bit, you need to see the photos from the intimate party held in my honor.

I got to have a birthday cake. Ha! Porter only got cupcakes....I got a real cake! And I even had ice cream at my party. Mom found some beef flavored ice cream treats with colored topping. It was really good! Porter didn't have ice cream at his party. (Yeah, I can be a jealous brother...but it was not fair he got to post his birthday info right away and I had to wait a week. No my lip is not hangin' out so far for a bird to land on it.)

We got to go to PetSmart to pick out presents! Mom was not as prepared as she wanted to be, but she got me some great toys. I was kind of distracted by people and smells in the store. I even did a birthday boy pee on a store display...Mom caught me though...she had good eyes. She got me a bottle monkey (crinkle bottle stuffed up a monkey's butt), a long squeaky snake and squeaky ball with a rope attached for good tossin'.

You will have to see the photos, but the dang monkey attacked me. I tried to get the snake to attack the monkey but they both turned on me! On my birthday! Can you believe it? I showed that snake a thing or two. The monkey felt my wrath! Can't go too far into details...have to see the pictures...not for the squeamish.

I had a really good night and felt pretty satisfied with what my Mom did for me. I didn't think I would get such treatment, but I found out just how much my Mom loves me. I know she has a special attachment to Porter, but she told me I have wormed my way into her heart. But she warned me...if I cause her to pull out any more hairs...she would still love me...can you believe that?!?

You can see all the fun at my birthday album.

High Paw,

Psst...I have to report that Porter and I really took on the monkey. His head has been opened up...Mom says he might be saved by the toy ER...but I'm hoping he is gone for good...stupid attack monkeys.

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