Saturday, November 24, 2007

More Great Welsh Corgi Holiday Gift Ideas

We wanted to share what we thought would be great holiday gifts to give for the Corgi lovers in your life. Hopefully the ideas below will get you thinking and help you buy that perfect gift!

Here is one favorite artist we love to check out and see what new things she has come up with in her Corgi art. We love Evie Anderson and what she brings to life. I know if I came across a carrot nosed snowman, I would steal it. Murphy, however, would probably take an arm to gnaw on. He isn't into carrots much. Both of us think this is a cute depiction of what just may happen should a Corgi should meet a snowman with a carrot nose.

Another great piece by Evie is this one. We Corgis put up with a lot of nonsense from our owners, but this is getting a little ridiculous. If my mom had more Corgis, I think she would try to set up us in a sleigh scene as below. I agree--Ho-Ho-Ho No, No, No.

Murphy wants to make sure that we feature some Cardigan Welsh Corgi gift ideas. This is his first Christmas with us and we have told him all about Santa Paws. I think he is more excited than me. (If you listen closely, you may just hear Murphy in the back ground..."Santa Paws, Santa Paws! Gotta be a good dog for Santa Paws!"). Murphy loves this design.

Another cute Cardigan Welsh Corgi holiday design features 3 different Cardis frapping with holiday decorations. Makes Murph and I want to join in! This design will probably bring a smile to any dog lover's face.

The last thing that we would like to impart is to remember, if we all work together anything can be accomplished. With team work, a tree can get decorated. Don't use strings of popcorn though! We Corgis can't resist that crunchy goodness!

Have a great holiday season. Be safe and keep warm!

Corgi slurpies,
Porter and Murphy

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